Homes are continuing to sell quickly but you can increase your home's attraction by using these simple tips to make your house stand out when selling your home.

Curb AppealSimple Ways to Make Your House Stand Out

  • Add outdoor lighting to brighten up the home day and night
  • Use solar lights to prevent the cluttered look of exposed cords and wires
  • Plant brightly colored flowers and shrubs
  • Green up the lawn and landscape: water regularly
  • Trim up overgrown branches and landscape
  • Minimize yard decor, especially if weathered
  • Pressure wash the driveway and walkways to give a clean shine
  • Sweep off cobwebs and bugs on the porch and ceilings
  • Upgrade your mailbox if it's looking weary, especially if it's in front of the house

Freshen Up Indoors

  • Touch up paint in areas where it is cracked or chipping
  • Repaint brightly colored rooms that may be seen as obnoxious
  • Use neutral color palettes in decor
  • Declutter items that are personal - family pictures, collections and knick-knacks
  • Remove extra furniture to make the room look more spacious
  • Store packed boxes out of sight - under beds, in closets or out of the way in a garage or shop
  • Add flowers as a centerpiece to "stage" a kitchen table or counter
  • Leave lights and fans on during a showing to make rooms bright and welcoming

Fix or Replace Broken Hardware

  • Fix locks, latches, door handles and other hardware not working properly
  • Remove child safe latches not in use

Clean and Dust

  • Vacuum carpets thoroughly
  • Sweep smooth surfaces and corners
  • Wash windows and dust windowsills
  • Use a duster to clear cobwebs and spiderwebs from ceilings and ceiling fans
  • Dust furniture (remove knick-knacks and frames to help declutter as you go)
  • Scrub porcelain surfaces such as sinks and toilets

Improve Scent

  • Add a lightly scented air freshener in the bathroom(s) or laundry room
  • Bake a pan of cookies or loaf of bread on the day of a showing
  • Clean out pantry cupboards to minimize smells and clutter
  • Keep laundry baskets empty and laundry put away


  • Clean out litter boxes and lock up cats during showings
  • Dispose of dog messes so the yard is clear for viewing
  • Kennel dogs or have someone watch them away from the home during a showing
  • Green up urine spots by watering
  • Vacuum fur and dander off of furniture


  • Organize shelves
  • Sweep floors
  • Neatly stack boxes out of the way
  • Declutter messes

In the current market, it's important to make a great first impression and one that will last! Putting in some extra time and energy will reap huge rewards.

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