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Nov. 14, 2022

5 Must Visit Places in Colorado

Colorado is known for its beloved ski resorts and winter weather but there is plenty to do year-round. Here are some of the must-visit places for your next trip!

Aspen, Colorado5 Must Visit Places in Colorado

This relatively small town of just over 7,000 is tucked away in the Rocky Mountains and has an elevation of 8,000 feet which makes it a winter wonderland when the snow begins to fall.

There are four ski mountains in Aspen: AJAX, Highlands, Buttermilk and Snowmass. Along with skiing, there are plenty of other off-mountain activities including snowmobile tours, Silver Queen Gondola Rides to the summit of Aspen Mountain, and the Aspen Recreation Center which offers an indoor aquatic facility, ice rink, gym and more.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Home of the Air Force Academy and Olympic and Paralympic Training Center, Colorado Springs is breathtakingly beautiful with views of Pikes Peak, the cliffs of the Garden of the Gods and Red Rock Canyon.

Top things to do include walking through Garden of the Gods to see the red rock formations, going hiking at the Broadmoor Seven Falls, driving through the scenic Pike's Peak Highway, or visiting the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Rocky Mountain Park covers 415 square miles of beautiful land, from meadows to mountains. There are over 300 miles of hiking trails and incredible opportunities to view the wildlife. There are campgrounds and overnight backpacking permits to stay in the great outdoors and explore for days.

You can see the sights and spot the wildlife from the comfort of your car by driving Trail Ridge Road.

Denver, Colorado

The bustling city of Denver is not only the capital of Colorado but has many great opportunities such as art museums, sports venues, shopping, restaurants and breweries.

Denver is the home of the Denver Broncos, an NFL Football Team, as well as the Denver Nuggets, an NBA Basketball Team and the Colorado Rockies, a MLB Baseball Team. Other professional sports teams in Denver include the Colorado Avalanche, an NHL Hockey Team and the Colorado Rapids, a MLS Soccer Team.

Breckenridge, Colorado

This small, historic mining town is located just a few miles from Denver and has thousands of acres of ski slopes that attract winter sports enthusiasts every winter. During the summer, the vibrant colors are on display and people come to enjoy hiking, biking, fishing, paddleboarding, kayaking and rafting.

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Oct. 24, 2022

Helpful Tips For Moving With A Pet

 Let’s start with the measures you should consider taking well before moving day. First, it’s important to research the area you’ll be moving to ahead of time. Look up any regulations in place for pets, such as neutering requirements or restricted dog breeds, and make sure your pet is a good fit. Next, take a tour of the neighborhood. Search for good places for walks and any potential safety hazards for your canine companion.

Other steps to take leading up to the move include getting your small pet acclimated to being in a secure, well-ventilated crate. This way, your pet is ready to be safely confined during the trip. For larger dogs, try familiarizing them with being secured with a leash or harness attached to a seat belt during car rides. A final task is to reserve a room in a pet-friendly hotel if planning to travel long-distance.

Tips to help your pet during the move are mainly about keeping it safely out of harm’s way. Hauling boxes and packing last-minute belongings can be hectic, and such chaos can be upsetting to the pet and possibly make it run or hide. Avoid this by keeping the pet in a crate or in a closed room. You could also use a calming pheromone product or vet-approved sedative for really nervous animals.

After arriving, you’ll want to pet-proof and allow the animal to adjust to the new surroundings slowly. Be sure to comfort it with extra attention and get back into the old routine quickly to help the pet feel more at home. For additional tips for moving with pets in tow, please see the accompanying resource.

Infographic created by Moving Proz.

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Oct. 10, 2022

Top 5 Denver Neighborhoods

Whether you are new to Denver or are considering a move, here are the top five Denver neighborhoods and a few highlights why you will love it there.

Park HillTop 5 Denver Neighborhoods

This northeastern neighborhood of Denver, Colorado is bordered by Colorado Boulevard on the west, East Colfax Avenue on the south, Quebec Street on the east and East 52nd Street on the north.

Highlights of this neighborhood are low crime rates, excellent public schools, great diversity and the walkability to local businesses and parks. The beloved City Park is within walking distance and is home to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, as well as the Denver Zoo and many dining and shopping opportunities.

Country Club

The County Club neighborhood name denotes the prestige of this higher end neighborhood, which is home to the Denver Country Club, one of the oldest and most exclusive country clubs in the United States. The boundaries are East 6th Avenue to the north, Downing Street to the west, University to the east and East 1st Avenue to the south.

Highlights of this neighborhood are low crime rates, larger than normal lot sizes, high walkability and the beautiful variance of architecture in homes, from Early 20th century styles to Gothic, Colonial, and Mediterranean builds.

Cheesman Park

The historic and culturally diverse Cheesman Park neighborhood is distinct because of its mature landscaping, grand architecture and central placement of the beautiful 80-acre Cheesman Park. It is also beloved for its entertainment, shopping and dining options. The boundaries are Colfax Avenue to the north, Downing Street to the west, York Street to the east and 8th Avenue to the south.

Highlights of this neighborhood are low crime rates, centralized public park and walkability to nearby businesses, including shopping, bars, coffee shops and dining.

Congress Park

The trendy and attractive Congress Park neighborhood also boasts a centralized park for public use with a playground, swimming pool, and tennis courts. The boundaries are York Street to the west, Colfax Avenue to the north, Colorado Boulevard to the east and Sixth Avenue to the south.

Highlights of Congress Park are low crime rates, great public schools, and the centralized neighborhood park. It is also home to the popular music venue, The Bluebird Theater, which has hosted many up-and-coming artists.

Platt Park

The busy, diverse neighborhood is known for its fantastic restaurants and the 17-acre Platt Park, where residents enjoy walking, bicycling, tennis, and dog walking. Boundaries are York Street to the west, Colfax Avenue to the north, Colorado Boulevard to the east and Sixth Avenue on the south.

Highlights of Platt Park are low crime rates, a centralized park, fine cuisine and neighborhood access to light rail system to commute downtown.

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Sept. 26, 2022

Colorado Pro Sports Schedules

Colorado is known for its many fantastic professional sports teams. Here are fall and winter schedules for your favorite teams!

Denver BroncosColorado Pro Sports Schedules

The Denver Broncos, our National Football League Team, started their season this month. Here is their fall schedule.


  • Sunday, Sept. 25th: The San Francisco 49ers versus The Denver Broncos @ Home. Game starts at 5:20pm.


  • Sunday, Oct. 2nd: The Denver Broncos versus The Las Vegas Raiders @ Las Vegas. Game starts at 1:25pm.
  • Thurs., Oct. 6th: The Indianapolis Colts versus The Denver Broncos @ Home. Game starts at 5:15pm.
  •  Mon., Oct. 17th: The Denver Broncos versus The Los Angeles Chargers @ Los Angeles. Game starts at 5:15pm.
  • Sun., Oct. 23rd:  The New York Jets versus The Denver Broncos @ Home. Game starts at 1:05pm.
  • Sun., Oct. 30th: The Denver Broncos versus The Jacksonville Jaguars @ Jacksonville. Game starts at 6:30am.


  • Sun., Nov. 13th: The Denver Broncos versus The Tennessee Titans @ Tennessee. Game starts at 10:00am.
  • Sun., Nov. 20th: The Las Vegas Raiders versus The Denver Broncos @ Home. Game starts at 1:05pm.
  • Sun., Nov. 27th: The Denver Broncos versus The Carolina Panthers @ Carolina. Game starts at 10:00am.


  • Sun., Dec. 4th: The Denver Broncos versus The Baltimore Ravens @ Baltimore. Game starts at 10:00am.
  • Sun., Dec. 11th: The Kansas City Chiefs versus The Denver Broncos @ Home. Game starts at 5:20pm.
  • Sun., Dec. 18th: The Arizona Cardinals versus The Denver Broncos @ Home. Game starts at 1:05pm.
  • Sun., Dec. 25th: The Denver Broncos versus The Los Angeles Rams @ Los Angeles. Game starts at 1:30pm.


  • Sun., Jan. 1st: The Denver Broncos versus The Kansas City Chiefs @ Kansas City. Game starts at 10:00am.
  • Sun., Jan. 8th: The Los Angeles Chargers versus The Denver Broncos @ Home. Game starts at 10:00am.

For more about games or to buy tickets, visit The Denver Broncos.


Colorado Rockies

The Colorado Rockies, our Major League Baseball Team, started their season in April. It is not too late to catch a game. Here are the remaining games of the season.


  • Thursday, Sept. 22nd: The San Francisco Giants versus The Rockies @ Home. Game starts at 12:10pm.
  • Friday, Sept. 23rd: The San Diego Padres versus The Rockies @ Home. Game starts at 5:10pm.
  • Saturday, Sept. 24th: The San Diego Padres versus The Rockies @ Home. Game starts at 5:10pm.
  • Sunday, Sept. 25th: The San Diego Padres versus The Rockies @ Home. Game starts at 12:10pm.
  • Tuesday, Sept. 27th: The San Francisco Giants versus The Rockies @ San Francisco. Game starts at 6:45pm.
  • Wednesday, Sept. 28th: The San Francisco Giants versus The Rockies @ San Francisco. Game starts at 6:45pm.
  •  Thursday, Sept. 29th: The San Francisco Giants versus The Rockies @ San Francisco. Game starts at 6:45pm.
  • Friday, Sept. 30th: The LA Dodgers versus The Rockies @ Los Angeles. Game starts at 7:10pm.


  • Saturday, Oct. 1st: The LA Dodgers versus The Rockies @ Los Angeles. Game starts at 6:10pm.
  • Sunday, Oct. 2nd: The LA Dodgers versus The Rockies @ Los Angeles. Game starts at 1:10pm.
  • Monday, Oct. 3rd: The LA Dodgers versus The Rockies @ Los Angeles. Game starts at 7:10pm.
  • Tuesday, Oct. 4th: The LA Dodgers versus The Rockies @ Los Angeles. Game starts at 7:10pm.
  • Wednesday, Oct. 5th: The LA Dodgers versus The Rockies @ Los Angeles. Game starts at 1:20pm.

For more about games or to buy tickets, visit The Colorado Rockies.

Denver Nuggets

The Denver Nuggets, our National Basketball Association Team, are beginning their preseason games. It's not too soon to start enjoying basketball season with one of these games.


  • Monday, Oct. 3rd: NBA Preseason - Denver Nuggets versus Oklahoma City Thunder @ Home. Game starts at 7:00pm.
  • Friday, Oct. 7th: NBA Preseason - Chicago Bulls versus Denver Nuggets @ Chicago. Game starts at 7:00pm.
  • Monday, Oct. 10th: NBA Preseason - Denver Nuggets versus Phoenix Suns @ Home. Game starts at 7:00pm.
  • Wednesday, Oct. 12th: NBA Preseason - Los Angeles Clippers versus Denver Nuggets @ Ontario, CA. Game starts at 7:30pm.
  • Friday, Oct. 14th: NBA Preseason - Golden State Warriors versus Denver Nuggets @ San Francisco. Game starts at 7:00pm.

For more about games or to buy tickets, visit The Denver Nuggets.


The fantastic professional sports teams are just one of the many things you will love about Denver.

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Sept. 18, 2022

Top 7 Denver Activities for Kids

Whether you're local or planning a trip to the Denver area, here are some activities for kids you won't want to miss.


Denver ZooWhether you're local or planning a trip to the Denver area, here are some activities for kids you won't want to miss.

The Denver Zoo is an 84-acre campus that creates a unique and inviting experience to interact with over 3,000 wild animals. There are educational and outreach teams to engage children of all ages and teach about protected species and endangered animals.

With special events such as Adulting with the Animals, Wild Fall Trick-or-Treat Trail, and Zoo Lights, there are year-round activities to engage in.

Denver Aquarium

The Denver Aquarium, a public aquarium and restaurant, is located next to the South Platte River in a 17-acre building. There are over 500 species of aquatic animals on display in more than a million gallons of underwater exhibits. In addition to unique displays, guests are able to participate in an interactive Stingray Reef Touch Tank, enjoy the Aquarium Restaurant, and other amusement opportunities.

Children's Museum

With hands on learning opportunities, Children's Museum Denver has investigation, imagination, exploration and creation activities for all age levels. Whether exploring the careers of firefighters, veterinarians, or supermarket workers, listening to stories in the Book Nook, or creating a masterpiece in the Art Studio, there's fun to explore all day.

State Capitol Tour

Learn some Colorado history with a free State Capitol Tour. From the Colorado Supreme Court Chambers to the Governor's Office, there is plenty to learn about, including the unique Colorado rocks and stones used throughout the building such as Rose Onyx and White Yule Marble.

Denver Firefighter's Museum

The Denver Firefighter's Museum focuses on preservation of the fire history of the Denver area by collecting and displaying artifacts, documents and photographs. There are interpretive exhibits, educational programs and research done at the museum. Special events are hosted weekly for younger children to encourage fire safety behaviors through education.

April through October

Elitch Gardens

This amusement park has both theme rides and a water park. To enjoy every aspect of it, Elitch Gardens could be moved to the Summer Activities list, however, there is plenty to do without the water, including family rides, thrill rides, and kids rides. The fall Fright Fest, a scary and fun Halloween event is held at the park for one week during October.

Summer Activities

Water World

Open during the summer months, Water World is a family water park in Federal Heights, just ten minutes north of Denver, with over fifty attractions on over 70 acres. With many levels of activities, there is something for everyone to beat the heat on a warm summer day.

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Sept. 12, 2022

Denver Fire Prevention/Evacuation Tips

With dry and warm conditions contributing to a "very high" fire danger in Colorado, there have been an increase in house fires as well as wildfires.

Here are some Denver fire prevention and evacuation tips to protect your home and family during these risky conditions.

Current/Recent FiresDenver Fire Prevention and Evacuation Tips

On Sept. 7, 2022 the roof of a Sloan's Lake home went up in flames, according to the Denver Post. Fortunately, no injuries were reported.

As of September 9, 2022, in an area north of Fort Collins, west of Wellington, the Larimer County Fire has burned approximately 600 acres to date but has started to calm down while 60 personnel are currently fighting the fire. Evacuations were issued for residents east of U.S. Highway 287, south to Arapaho Valley Road, east to County Road 21 and north to County Road 66.

Fire Prevention

While it is unusually hot and dry, with winds increasing fire risk, here are some tips for preventing a fire before it starts.

  1. Know weather conditions and prevent sparksDon't use power equipment that can throw a spark, keep cigarette butts contained and properly disposed of, avoid the use of fireworks, and do not consider outdoor burning or campfires.
  2. Stay off dry grass. Vehicles have started wildfires by off-roading, faulty wiring, dripping fuel, and even starting the ignition when other areas of disrepair are present.
  3. Create defensible space around your home. Clear fallen branches and debris. Keep a five-foot zone of rock/gravel, then a green area to prevent sparks from igniting near your home.
  4. Make sure your roof has a Class A fire rating to provide the most resistance to a fire.

How to Prepare for Evacuation

When fire risk is high, a simple spark can light a fire. With dry grass, leaves and other debris, it's easy to have a fire take off with little time to prepare for an evacuation. Here are some quick tips on how to prepare for an evacuation.

  1. Know what a mandatory evacuation means. When a mandatory evacuation order is issued, it is imperative to leave your home and head to safety as soon as possible.
  2. Have an emergency supply kit ready. This should include medications, a face mask to assist with smoke, a three-day supply of non-perishable food, a map with planned evacuation routes, a change of clothes, eyeglasses or contacts, important documents (driver's license, credit cards, birth certificates, etc.) and pet food or water, if you have pets.
  3. Plan a designated meeting placeThis is especially important if you have family members who live or work away from the home. Phone communications can be impacted during a wildfire, so knowing where to meet loved ones is important.

Stay safe this fire season and be prepared to evacuate, if ordered.

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Sept. 5, 2022

2023 Upcoming Colors of the Year

Close your eyes and imagine vacationing on the coast, the smell of the salt in the ocean, the feel of the sea spraying cool droplets of water on your face, feet sinking into the soft sand. You are vacationing in a beach house, and you step into it to find soothing shades of blues and sage greens. You will quickly notice how color affects your emotional state. The perfect paint color brushed on the wall doesn't just change how a room looks, but how it feels. In the upcoming year 2023, we will see a rise in tapping into color psychology to connect each color in the palette with an emotional state or quality you as an individual may be seeking. 2023 Upcoming Colors of the Year

There are a few featured colors of the year with the palette ranging from brightening shades of creamy white to warming earth tones to soothing shades of blue. There is room to find inspiration no matter your design style with this versatile palette. If you are indecisive about which decorations you want, allow your mood, instead of your eye, to guide the way. Keep reading to find 2023 upcoming colors of the year and get ready to paint your way to content. 

1. Cozy White 

This shade of white inspires comfort. Looking for a more traditional shade for a kitchen? Brush cozy white on the cabinets for a tranquil feeling. This shade provides warmth in its off-white, preventing the room from feeling too sterile and stark. Looking for a modern, rustic style? Pair this hue with natural wood ones. The effect is that of a room that feels refined and relaxed. 

2. Villa Grey 

Grey's a tricky color to deal with, especially since so much relies on the undertone within the paint. This particular grey is cool but leans slightly yellow with its undertones. This color is perfect for a bedroom or powder room. This color is connected to mindfulness and can be very inspiring. 

3. Rising Tide 

A rich midnight blue, this hue revives you when you feel you are running toward empty. The color is a balance of calming depth with an energy of a bold color choice. Looking for an elegant, yet elevated vibe? Pair this color with brass, fixtures that will sparkle against the dark blue backdrop. 

4. Green Trellis 

This shade is a fresh take on sage green, providing a sense of calm. Picked straight from Mother Nature's palette, consider pairing it with other contemporary elements, such as matte black hardware, or modern furniture. The visual effect that the color inspires is lush and layered when paired with darker shades of green. 

5. Ivory Brown 

A muted shade of clay with brown undertones pulls inspiration from nature, bringing with it an earthy tone. This tone reflects the desire for slow living and contentment. To feel more grounded in a room in your home, paint the cabinets this rich shade of brown, or an accent wall, or an interior door. 

6. Holmes Cream 

When you think of joy and wrapping that room in warmth and happiness, this color is the one you will want to brush on your walls. Considered a butterfly shade of tan, this shade gives a sense of home when paired with architectural elements, such as decorative molding, or wainscoting. For a healthy dose of contrast, pair this golden hue with crisp white trim, or throws.

7. Desert Carnation 

Feeling trapped in a creative rut, or writer's block? If you are looking to revamp a sleepy space, this soft, faded shade of terracotta has got you covered. Inspired by promoting feelings of inspiration, this color is laidback and welcoming. Let the desert-like landscape guide the design of the room. Consider adding touches of light wood tones, and accent pieces in hazy greens. 

For more information on upcoming styles or homes in Denver, Wheat Ridge real estate or surrounding areas, contact us at any time. 


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Aug. 29, 2022

What to Know About Moving to Denver

Colorado has grown at almost twice the rate as the rest of the United States. With so many people moving here, we have compiled a list of what to know about moving to Denver.What to Know About Moving to Denver

High Elevation

Denver is already a mile high, with its elevation being 5,280 feet, so going to the mountains for sports and other outdoor recreation can nearly double the elevation. This can make it difficult to adjust to the elevation, which can impair breathing and lead to nausea and fatigue if you don't take the time to acclimate.

Some tips for adjusting to the elevation include ramping up slowly, getting enough sleep, drinking lots of fluids, eating a high carbohydrate/low salt diet, and avoiding alcohol.

Limitless Outdoor Recreation

The Red Rocks Ampitheater is an open-air amphitheater, constructed in naturally occurring red-colored rock formations. It is located just ten miles west of Denver in Morrison. This venue is owned and operated by the City of Denver and has hosted some of the most iconic concerts in history, including U2, the Beatles and Sting. They have daily summer concerts and events.

Vail Mountain Resort has over 5,200 acres of mountain and is known for its downhill and cross-country skiing, snowboarding, and other winter activities as well as mountain biking and hiking throughout the summer months. It is known as one of the best ski mountains in the world.

Confluence Park is a park where Cherry Creek and the South Platte River come together. There are concrete trails for hiking and bicycling, as well as kayak rentals for kayaking the unique waterways.

There are boundless opportunities, but these are just a few that highlight the unique opportunities available in the natural beauty of Colorado.

Unpredictable Weather

Weather in Denver ranges from extremely cold winters to hot summers, and a whole lot of unpredictable weather in between. With its elevation, the Denver area can get a lot of snow accumulation in a short amount of time and the very next week, the sunshine can bring warmth to melt it all.

It's a beautiful place to enjoy four true seasons but you have to be aware of and ready for its somewhat unpredictable weather.

Avid Professional Sports Fans

Denver is home to the Denver Broncos, Denver Nuggets, and Colorado Rockies. The fan base for these teams is die hard and games are energetic and fun for everyone.

The Denver Broncos, a professional NFL football team, play at Empower Field at Mile High.

The Denver Nuggets, a member of the National Basketball Association, play at Pepsi Center, a multi-purpose arena in Denver.

The Colorado Rockies, a Major League Baseball Team, are also based in Denver and play at Coors Field.

For more information about moving to Colorado and current listings in the Denver area, contact us at My Colorado Move.

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Aug. 22, 2022

Top Colorado Attractions

Colorado has four very distinct seasons so planning a trip should be based on the types of interests you enjoy. Here are the top Colorado attractions, grouped by the ideal season to come and check them out!

WinterTop Colorado Attractions

Colorado is cold in the winter and the mountains are known for their fabulous snow accumulation and outdoor recreation opportunities. Here are some winter activities we think you will love.

Rocky Mountain National Park

  • Whether you're experienced or just a beginner, there are opportunities for every level to go snowshoeing at Rocky Mountain National Park
  • If you're not into snowshoeing, see the beauty of the area and wildlife by taking a guided tour of the National Forest and Estes Park

Summit County

  • With everything from sledding to snowmobiling, and a whole host of festivals and parades, Summit County has something for everyone
  • Stay warm with live music at one of the many local venues including restaurants, resorts and bars


Spring ushers in some warmer days and more outdoor activities.

Royal Gorge Bridge and Park

  • Take in Colorado's beautiful scenery and cross the highest suspension bridge in America at Royal Gorge Bridge and Park
  • Enjoy a ride on a gondola, ride the zip line and skycoaster, ride the carousel, enjoy a rock-climbing experience, or take in a movie at the theater

Elitch Gardens Theme and Water Park

  • From thrill rides to family rides, the Elitch Gardens Theme and Water Park is open from April through October and has fun activities for every age
  • After celebrating 130 years in operation, Elitch Gardens has added a thrill ride, Meow Wolf's Kaleidoscope


The summer heat is usually mild, with warm days in the 80's and 90's. This is the perfect time to spend on a lake or flying through the sky.

Colorado Dragon Boat Festival

  • The third weekend of July, the Colorado Dragon Boat Festival takes place each year at Sloan's Lake in Denver
  • This cultural festival promotes culture, contributions and accomplishments of Colorado's Asian American and Pacific Islander Communities with food vendors, performers and film

Grand Adventure Hot Air Balloons

  • Fly through the Rockies and see the sights from above on a Grand Adventure Hot Air Balloon
  • Flights are approximately one hour and take off at sunrise; hot air balloons can be reserved for a group to take family and friends


Fall temperatures begin to drop as the tree leaves turn into a masterpiece of color. Seeing the spectacular sights from a train, or experiencing a cool, creepy fall night in Denver are a couple top picks.

Leadville Colorado & Southern Railroad

  • Enjoy the sights on a two-hour scenic train ride aboard the Leadville Colorado & Southern Railroad
  • The train travels 1,000 feet above the Arkansas River Valley, traveling through pine forests, aspen groves and aspen meadows
  • Some rides include food and beverages

Mile High Ghosts of Denver Walking Tour

  • Explore one of Denver's oldest neighborhoods while hearing the spooky ghost stories surrounding them on a Mile High Ghosts of Denver Walking Tour
  • See the historical Capitol Hill neighborhood and the Titanic survivor, Molly Brown's House, in addition to creepy hotels and haunted apartments
  • Select the length of tour and upgrade for additional sites

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Aug. 15, 2022

Favorite Fall Events in Denver Colorado 2022

Denver is a year-round hub for entertainment and special events. Here are some fall favorites you won't want to miss!

Food and Drinks

Great American Beer FestivalFavorite Fall Events in Denver Colorado 2022

October 6th - 8th, 2022; Cost: $95 per ticket

Designated driver pricing is $30 and includes a special gift, sodas and hospitality in the Designated Driver Lounge.

Tickets are selling fast for this amazing annual brew festival, the largest ticketed beer festival in the United States. Hosted by the Brewer's Association and held at Denver's Colorado Convention Center, over 2,300 breweries showcase more than 4,000 types of beer.

Friday night is already sold out, but you can still get your tickets for Thursday, October 6th or Saturday, October 8th at Great American Beer Festival.

Delicious Denver Food Tour

Tickets are on sale now through December 2022; Cost: $69 adult dinner, $95 adult dinner and drinks, and $55 children's dinner

This fun guided walking food and drink tour gives an opportunity to visit award-winning local restaurants and other iconic neighborhoods in a three-hour tour of Lower Downtown, Ballpark and Union Station. You get to sample sweet and savory dishes at five different restaurants, led by a guide through the LoDo neighborhood.

Tickets can be purchased at Delicious Dinner Food Tours.

Outdoor Entertainment and Activities

Red Rocks Ampitheater Concerts

Dates and ticket prices vary by artist (See below). Visit Red Rocks Online for details.

Fall is a beautiful time to enjoy a concert in the historic, geologically formed, outdoor open air Red Rocks Ampitheater.

Upcoming August concerts include:

Upcoming September concerts include:

Red Rocks Park and Ampitheater

2022 Colorado 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb

Ticket prices vary by type of registration. 

Firefighters, law enforcement and the public come together to remember the fallen and survivors of 9/11 and honor them in this stair climbing event. The funds raised are contributed to the Fallen Firefighters to support families of local fallen firefighters and the FDNY Counseling Servies Unit.  To register for this event, visit 9/11 Stair Climb.

For current real estate listings in the Denver area, contact us at My Colorado Move.

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