Close your eyes and imagine vacationing on the coast, the smell of the salt in the ocean, the feel of the sea spraying cool droplets of water on your face, feet sinking into the soft sand. You are vacationing in a beach house, and you step into it to find soothing shades of blues and sage greens. You will quickly notice how color affects your emotional state. The perfect paint color brushed on the wall doesn't just change how a room looks, but how it feels. In the upcoming year 2023, we will see a rise in tapping into color psychology to connect each color in the palette with an emotional state or quality you as an individual may be seeking. 2023 Upcoming Colors of the Year

There are a few featured colors of the year with the palette ranging from brightening shades of creamy white to warming earth tones to soothing shades of blue. There is room to find inspiration no matter your design style with this versatile palette. If you are indecisive about which decorations you want, allow your mood, instead of your eye, to guide the way. Keep reading to find 2023 upcoming colors of the year and get ready to paint your way to content. 

1. Cozy White 

This shade of white inspires comfort. Looking for a more traditional shade for a kitchen? Brush cozy white on the cabinets for a tranquil feeling. This shade provides warmth in its off-white, preventing the room from feeling too sterile and stark. Looking for a modern, rustic style? Pair this hue with natural wood ones. The effect is that of a room that feels refined and relaxed. 

2. Villa Grey 

Grey's a tricky color to deal with, especially since so much relies on the undertone within the paint. This particular grey is cool but leans slightly yellow with its undertones. This color is perfect for a bedroom or powder room. This color is connected to mindfulness and can be very inspiring. 

3. Rising Tide 

A rich midnight blue, this hue revives you when you feel you are running toward empty. The color is a balance of calming depth with an energy of a bold color choice. Looking for an elegant, yet elevated vibe? Pair this color with brass, fixtures that will sparkle against the dark blue backdrop. 

4. Green Trellis 

This shade is a fresh take on sage green, providing a sense of calm. Picked straight from Mother Nature's palette, consider pairing it with other contemporary elements, such as matte black hardware, or modern furniture. The visual effect that the color inspires is lush and layered when paired with darker shades of green. 

5. Ivory Brown 

A muted shade of clay with brown undertones pulls inspiration from nature, bringing with it an earthy tone. This tone reflects the desire for slow living and contentment. To feel more grounded in a room in your home, paint the cabinets this rich shade of brown, or an accent wall, or an interior door. 

6. Holmes Cream 

When you think of joy and wrapping that room in warmth and happiness, this color is the one you will want to brush on your walls. Considered a butterfly shade of tan, this shade gives a sense of home when paired with architectural elements, such as decorative molding, or wainscoting. For a healthy dose of contrast, pair this golden hue with crisp white trim, or throws.

7. Desert Carnation 

Feeling trapped in a creative rut, or writer's block? If you are looking to revamp a sleepy space, this soft, faded shade of terracotta has got you covered. Inspired by promoting feelings of inspiration, this color is laidback and welcoming. Let the desert-like landscape guide the design of the room. Consider adding touches of light wood tones, and accent pieces in hazy greens. 

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