What Is the Mixed Metal Look?

Every kitchen has at least some metal featured in the faucets, light fixtures, etc. Mixing metals involves using different — but complementary — metals in a single design. Rather than choosing a chrome kitchen faucet and chrome pendant lights to match your stainless-steel stove, for example, you can incorporate two or three metals to use throughout the space.

How Can You Mix Metals Appropriately?

While mixing metals can help create a layered, cohesive kitchen style, it only works when you do it thoughtfully. To design a space that you’ll be happy raising your kids in, here are some tips for mixing metals intentionally:

1. Don’t overdo it

2. Make one metal the star of the show

3. Alternate the lights

To learn more about how to achieve the perfect blend, take a look at the accompanying resource, which highlights eight tips for blending metals in a way that you and your whole household will enjoy.


Infographic created by Gerber.

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